Age of Defenders – Real-Time Multiplayer Tower Defense Game


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Multiplayer first - challenge players worldwide

Prepare for the epic battles. This game is so different to "regular" Tower Defense games. It is no longer a dummy computer you need to defeat. Instead, you're battling against other humans with different tactics, but the same goal - to survive and to conquer.

Story-driven single-player campaign

The world of the future is dependent on the mining of Rydan, a precious resource that mankind uses for teleportation. As the main hero, Joseph, you will get to know the world controlled by Rydan Corporation and will fight against the rebels just so you can earn some money and have a little fun with Jane, the love of your life!

Defend your base

Choose from seven different towers and use them for protection. Don't rely on one or two types of towers. Combining the damage-dealing towers with support such as the Repair Station or Slow tower can give you an edge on the competition.

Conquer your opponent

Build your army - choose from six different units, light and fast, or heavily armored but slow, or aerial. There are many possible combinations, so plan your attack carefully. Use the most vulnerable path to the enemy base. By gaining levels, you can upgrade the strength of your units too.

Make use of strategic places throughout the map

Build the towers on the high ground so they can shoot farther. Make use of bonus places to get additional hitpoints for your structures, helping them to become a solid base for your defense. Lava fields are dangerous for both you and your enemy.

Hand-drawn cutscenes with a beautiful art style

We have used our best talents to create animated cutscenes, adding to the experience you get from playing an immersive single-player campaign. Watch the showcase on our Youtube channel.

Attractive post-apocalyptic setting

The game takes place in analternate future. The world is dependent on mining of Rydan, a rare material that people use for teleportation. In the role of the main protagonist Joseph, you will get to know the world operated and ruled by Rydan Corporation.

Atmospheric music

The world is in chaos. In the unpleasant times, as people struggle for survival, there is no room for shiny playful happy songs. The gameplay is perfectly matched with deep acid underground music. Listen to the AoD soundtrack on our Youtube channel.

What players say?

„Age of Defenders is an excellent game, and I hope it stays as good in the future.“ - jendatomanek

„I do not understand how such an amazing game can be free to play.“ - Phil

„Short waiting time for a rival and fast, thrilling games make AoD the obvious choice for leisure.“ - flk4

„Age of Defenders constantly surprises me with its depth. I always find new strategies on how to destroy the enemies.“ - John

„Unique game. Simply brilliant.“ - WWWBO

„If you mix unique atmosphere, perfect world, and add a handful of emotions and sophisticated gameplay, then a unique game is created - Age of Defenders.“ - Martin

„The best multiplayer game I've ever played. I love a touch of old strategies in conjunction with tower defense.“ - Michael

„Rock single-player+ atmospheric single-player + a mystery story + balanced multiplayer + the best strategy game on iOS = Age of Defenders.“ - Gabos

„Age of Defenders is a unique strategy game that is well-played on a tablet. Moreover, the game looks seriously. “ - Paul

„It took me a while to learn how to play AoD. Now, I can't stop playing it.“ - Tykkar

„From every part of the game, it feels that it has been made with love. I love the story, and the Czech dubbing in multiplayer makes me laugh.“ - Mirka

„My mom loves it!“ - trubi

„You are amazing! I love this game!“ - Gryszkiewicz

„This game is fantastic.“ - Jose

„Finally, a game for HARDCORE players!“ - Kerthias89

„I finally beat this game, such a great single-player game. I only think it's missing even more missions!“ - yeti4

„I really like the single-player story, but multiplayer is so much better. I can't stop playing it! So many strategies, options & challenging enemies.“ - Chris

„I am not able to stress enough how excellent Age of Defenders is. I have so much time playing against my friends.“ - Koro

„Multiplayer battles are so intense. I love 1v1, so challenging, one mistake and your opponent will take advantage of it.“ - garrick

„I saw this game on the internet and could not believe it is actually made in flash. You guys should put this one on Steam, it is really some cool stuff.“ - Acid

„Bored with all the same stuff, I was searching through the FB when I spotted this gem. One piece of .. art. Graet job guys!“ - Sam

„How come I have not seen this one before. I am real fan on tower defense games and this is something completely new and fresh. I am all in.“ - Coach Wade