About the AoD team

A little about us

We are huge gamers and big fans of tower defense games. Yet, for years there has been very little improvement in this genre. We saw improved graphics, maybe even going 3D, and simplified controls ... but that was about it, nothing major.

We didn´t want to follow the crowd; instead, we wanted to change this. The idea of our concept was crystal-clear: multiplayer tower defense & offense, kind of a hybrid in between classic TD and RTS such as Starcraft or Warcraft. You not only defend, but offend at the same time.

So at the beginning of 2010, a group of four students with much more passion and ideas than real-life experience started to work on what is now called Age of Defenders.

We worked hard, went a long, long way, and sacrificed a lot to materialize our visions. Four years and hundreds of thousands of lines of code later, we completed the game and succeeded in many positive ways:

1. We´ve had alot of positive coverage from the media
2. We participated at various gamedev competitions (finalist of Adobe AirApp Challenge in LA, scored among Top3 strategies at Mochi Awards in San Francisco, Games Connection in Paris)
3. We found a great partner and investors from Geewa in Prague

But what is most important is that we have got many players, tons of positive comments and constructive feedback. We now have gamers who have played more matches than all of us in the office combined :) Which is quite something, as our team had at the end more than 20 members :)

We´ve finally finished and released the project. We have many ideas on how to continue, and how to develop and improve AoD further. New single-player campaigns, modes, maps, units, towers, gameplay features... so many things that we would love to work on. But our future is in your hands now :) It all depends on how the game sells, and whether the income will be high enough to maintain the development. So if you like the game and think it is worth it, we are grateful for your support.

Or you can also help by spreading the word about the game. Tell your friends to play it, and share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you have your own site or blog, you can embed the game there for your visitors. Or, if the game is not translated into your language, you can help us in localizing it.

Thanks a lot and have a great day! :)