Community reward: Support our multiplayer tower defense

Dear Defenders,

Age of defenders is online tower defense game. As any other real-time strategy, it needs a lot of concurrent players so the matchmaking can work properly and match gamers of equal skill.

Because of this, we would like to ask you for your help to promote Age of Defenders in any way you can!

Make a post on your favourite forum, write a blog, record a YouTube video, create a fan community group on Facebook, or use whatever creative idea that comes to your mind. After you do so, send us an e-mail with a link, picture, video, etc. to

We will review your post, get in touch, and reward you for your effort with Crystals and Credits. You can spend it in-game to get cool items, upgrade your base, get singleplayer for free, or unlock new multiplayer maps.

Thanks a lot for your support! We are committed to providing a great gaming experience and we are absolutely psyched that you are with us on this journey.

You rock! :)

AoD team