How to Play Age of Defenders


Welcome to the manual where we will explain how to play Age of Defenders - a futuristic strategy game.

In the main menu you can select either a single-player game (Single player) in which you’ll play against the computer or multiplayer game in which you’ll meet the real human opponents.

If you choose a multiplayer game, you can decide whether you want to play random map or some specific.

Goal of the Game

The main goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s main base by smashing 10 attacking units. It sounds simple but your opponents think the same.

Description of the User Interface

Game map

The center panel divides the game map into two halves. A player can build the buildings just on their half of the map, and the opponent again on their own. Place the defense so that you can comprehensively protect your main base and the enemy is not able to get around the defense and attack the unprotected place.

All the buildings in the game are built by dragging and dropping. Simply choose a building from the bar on the right side and drag it to the desired place on the map.

Special Locations on the Map

There are lots of special places on the map.

Rydan’s platforms and mines

Any army cannot operate without a proper supply of resources and energy. You will increase the production of your economy by building the Rydan’s mines on the orange Rydan’s platforms. You’ll be able to afford to produce more units and build more towers.


Your offensive units are manufactured in factories. Build the factory by clicking on the tab of units in the upper right corner. Choose the desired type of units you want to produce, and start building it by dragging on the factory platform.

Your army is automatically produced in factories. The units ready to fight are visible on the left of the screen. Every factory has a limited production, therefore; when the limit is reached, any additional units will not be produced unless you release the factory premises.

Other bonus points

Another bonus points will increase the range and lives to your defense towers. Bonus points are strategically important and you need to be careful because if the opponent destroys your tower on this place, you’ll not be able to build a new one at the same place.

Attack planning

Plan the attack carefully before starting it upon your opponent. Look at the opponent’s half of the game and try to find the worst protected place there. Is it worth to paralyze the opponent’s economy by attacking Rydan’s mines? Or is it better to attack the factory, which prevents the production of their army? Or is it going to be better to attack their main base?

Choose the target of the attack by clicking on the map. Intelligent computer algorithm will then select the most secure route for the units by itself.

Note that there is a different illustration of routes for land and air units. This is because the land units may have other safest ways to a given place.


Once you have planned the attack, it’s time to send the army. Units will be sent by clicking on the hologram icon on the left of the screen. Remember that the units have got various speed, therefore their transmission has to be strategically synchronized.

Upgrade Centrum

You gain experience for the activity in the game – either it is defending or attacking. This experience allows you to unlock some special features for your units or towers in the Upgrade Center – armor, movement speed, critical hits and others. There are many upgrades and the experience is limited, so choose wisely.

Towers and Factories‘ Upgrade

You can also individually upgrade your defense towers, factories and Rydan’s mines. For the extra money you can increase the power and range of the towers, production in Rydan’s mines or the number and lives of the units produced in the factories.

Upgrading is especially important at the moment of reaching the maximum of your population limit.

Building of new towers is increasing population, but upgrading is not.


Use Superweapons by dragging and dropping to desired location and enjoy the view! This advanced strategic systems will help you crush your opponents and protect your weak points. But beware, they have long cooldown, so use them wisely.

In Conclusion

Think strategically and you will win. If you are interested in learning more about the game, read our Wiki.