January 6, 2015

Posters to nicen up your wall

Today we have prepared special gift for all of our fans. You will be able to download and print out Age of Defenders poster and hang it on the wall in your toilet! :)

Age of Defenders is not an ordinary flash game. This multiplayer tower defense & offense strategy has immersive atmosphere which many players rated highly positively. One of the big reasons for such ratings is visual aspect of the game - Command and Conquer-like graphics and beautiful hand-drawn artworks. In fact, in the stages of early development, when we showed the game up and running to random players, most of them commented that they hate inability to add right mouse button. It took some time to explain that in flash you are not able to use right mouse button (this was back in 2011 when it was not possible :)). They just could not believe.

We love our graphics too :) So much that we decided to rework them in high-DPI quality so we could print those out and hang it on the walls in the office. Right now, we also believe that some of you may want to do the same! :)

So, here come the posters (you get the link by clicking on any of the pictures)

have fun
the Age of Defenders team