January 29, 2015

How to defend against early game Frogger rush?

Pro players know that defending rushers is not hard and going for early rush is risky. Yet many players complain that it is impossible to fight off early rushes. Well, it is very easy and if your opponent is doing so, he is giving your big opportunity for winning the match. Why?

Note: Before you continue reading, I strongly suggest to study AoD Wiki, as you get many important information about your favorite tower defense & offense strategy in there.

Here are the assumptions:
1. Most of the rushers go two frogger factories, thus 2x500 Rydan = 1000 Rydan.
2. Rydan mines they are given at the beginning generate 48 rydan per 3 seconds, so it takes them at least 33 seconds to be able to build their first rydan drill afterwards.
3. For 1000 rydan you can already build up your economy – two rydan towers - generating you 36 Rydan income per 3 seconds + 48 Rydan income per 3 seconds for the mines you are given at the beginning = 84 Rydan per 3 seconds.
4. One not upgraded machine gun is able to take out at least two froggers. So it takes 2 machine guns to take out full attack of 4 froggers, or 4 not-upgraded machine guns to take out 8 froggers
5. One machine gun costs 160 Rydan, so with your early game income you are able to generate enough money for 4 towers in only 24 seconds.
6. It takes 9 seconds to produce one frogger. So it takes 36 seconds to produce 4 froggers (max in one factory), or 8 froggers per two factories. Thus you have at least 12 seconds extra for getting the money to build up the defense.

As you can see, from the perspective of balance, it does not make much sense to opt for an early rush, as the numbers work for you as a defender. In the end, it is tower defense game :)

Some further assumptions:
a. you don´t need to build too many machine guns. just two or three, to cover all the roads leading to your base. then you need to wait for his attack and once you see which way he has chosen, build extra machine gun there. It takes only 3 seconds to build one machine gun, so bigger the map, the more time you have for building extra towers. However, to defend early rush, you should build minimum one in the way of attack + one directly in front of the base (as all roads leads to base and you need to prevent your opponent hitting them since it would give him extra cash)
b. you get first upgrade early on. If you upgrade Rydan mines defense – all the mines get a canon, dealing 60 damage per 2.6 seconds. One frogger has 60 HP, so two Rydan mines are easily able to take out at least two froggers.
c. upgrading your Machine gun gives you +2 extra damage (from 6 to 8), you get extra range by 10%, and only costs 60 Rydan. Thus per cca 5 seconds you earn enough money to upgrade your machine gun. By the time your opponent is able to finish one production cycle of 4 frogger units, you are having all your machine guns upgraded and also your rydan mines have extra cannons, which all reduce his opportunities even lower
d. if your opponent goes froggers (most of them do), remember that placing towers on the high ground grant you much bigger range and they are invulnerable since froggers cannot attack them. so even better.
e. if your opponent makes a mistake and chooses to go for your rydan drill (to cripple your economy for example), it is even better for your. You should be able to take out most of his army before he reaches your drill. And even if he does, one drill has 320 HP, one frogger deals 55 damage, so it takes him to get at least 6 froggers to destroy one Rydan drill. Which, assuming you are having your economy build up, should be absolutely no problem to defend.

Turning the tides, going from tower defense to offense:
Now that you are cca two minutes into the game and are able to defend successfully. On the other hand he is having two factories, but poor economy (max. one rydan drill), thus low money for defense. It is time for you to build your frogger factory (two is better) as soon as possible and start pushing. Since he is much less evolved in economy, you should be able to:
a. start pushing, trying to get to his base (don’t go for drills, it is waste of space as long as you are able to manage to get to the base)
b. force him to invest his precious resources into building towers – otherwise you would get through. that way he won´t have enough money for expanding himself
c. expand easily and get even better economy advantage

This all takes little practice, but as you can surely understand, it is not that hard. It is clear that early rush requires a lot of skills and if you are having two players with equal skills, going early rush is like hitting Surrender button.

best of luck! :)
The Age of Defenders team