July 31, 2015

Best tower defense & offense. Soon on your iPad.

We have been working on Age of Defenders for a long time. Development took us on a 5.5 year journey, longer than that of Frodo to Mordor. We gave the game everything and so you did! You played the game for countless hours and with your feedback, we improved.

But we had a vision. The thought of Age of Defenders everywhere with you. The most profound tower defense game with elaborate story just lock screen far from you.

Now listen, we have something for you. It's not unexpected, it wasn't a secret. It was kept under the wraps. Offering you unfinished product isn't our goal. We waited for the right moment, so our multiplayer tower defense will please you as much as we wish to!

We are so happy and proud to announce our very new version of awesome Age of Defenders for iOS! Optimized for touch screens and your iPad hardware, you can finally enjoy the best free tower defense fun without limitations on your mobile device!

You will learn the exact date in the next few days, so stay tuned!