August 4, 2015

We will soon reveal information on when you can expect Age of Defenders on your iPads.

Our team was gathering information for you so we can give away precious intel on Thursday. That day, you become aware of exact invasion date! Prepare your iPads and get ready!

But are your really ready for what is coming against you? Do you know your wares? Only one thing you can put between hordes and you. Your towers…

You are probably putting your Machine Gun towers all over the battlefield, but if you feel like a lots of light units will try to crush you, build Laser tower. Don’t try to stop heavy units with it though, they would fail and barely harm them. Rocket tower will help you deal with any vehicle problem. And when the enemy will assault your from the skies, Air tower is the answer!

This overall defense will help you crush the enemy, but sometimes, they will just rush you and run through your towers. You need to slow them down. You need the Slow tower! Give your towers more time to kill and care about them! You shouldn’t forget build repair station, so your upgraded towers will not be endangered by rogue rocket. If you want to get much more detailed information on the towers, their prices, advantages and disadvantages, head over to our Wiki.

Now you know enough and even if you accidentally show up on the defense, you will hold your ground! Thursday, soldier, come back for your date!