August 9, 2015

It is only few days before Age of Defenders is hitting your iPads. Practice hard so you are able to deffend massive global invasion :)

So, you probably know basics now. You know your tower essentials and AI is just an evening tea for you. No one can penetrate your defense. You think there are no obstacles to hold you. Well, there are more people like you, ready to challenge your pride!

There are always defenders ready to be challenged, ready to show you who is really the best! They are ordinary folks like you and you presumably met them, because you need to play few multiplayer matches to advance in main story. But it is the multiplayer where Age of Defenders excels. The conflict between two humans

It is not about you and some units AI threw on you. You surely have your favourite tactic. It makes you undefeated against computer. But others player maybe have even more nifty defense. You will be surprised how swift their attack can be and not even your towers will be able to stop them.

But that is the best. This is the challenge you need to further improve your skills, because invasion will catch you in mere four days!