August 11, 2015

Can you stand in the heart of a tornado?

Age of Defenders has awesome multiplayer and that is one of the main reasons to play the game! But there is also beautiful campaign with immersive story and lots of cutscenes to please your visual senses! It is not just some secondary mode to test your skills against AI. It is complementary to multiplayer and if you will carefully read and watch every dialog I can guarantee you will enjoy it!

You are in the world that is controlled by those, who can mine more Rydan than others. Because Rydan is precious resource used for teleportation. And you are in the middle, on the side of Rydan Corporation. In the boots of Joseph, you will fight against rebels. Your boss will push you to the limits and you will have to prove as a useful asset if you want to earn money and respect.

There is also Jane, one girl you crave for and working for Rydan Industries is your key to her. Just don’t get too romantic, there is a lot more going on underground. Never drop your awareness, because if you are talking about Rydan, then you are talking about dangerous game of power. Can you stand in the heart of a tornado?

Remember to come and download the game on August 13th.