August 13, 2015

Age of Defenders available in App store now

Woo hoo. After 5,5 years of blood, sweat, tears and torture we have finally released Age of Defenders for iPad. That means AoD is now officially the longest developed game for given platform! :) And so

You can finally download Age of Defenders to your iPad

It has been hell of a ride with many ups and downs. We have started as group of 4 people, increasing in size to more than 20 people. That is what happens when you are not good at rejecting great ideas and implementing them step by step, but rather decide to do them all at once :) We received a lot of comments and feedback from players, ranging from kind heart-warming supportive words to flaming angry rage-quitting blackmailing that unless we fix this or that we will be doomed :) well, it was a lot of fun, definitely.

We hope you will enjoy playing the game as much as we did creating it.

Thank you for your support, we appreciate it a lot!

See you on the battlefield, commander!