September 1, 2015

What do critics say about Age of Defenders?

Couple weeks earlier we´ve finally released Age of Defenders for tablets. Now it is time to make a wrap up of the media coverage, the ratings of professional journalists and how did they like the game.

Age of Defenders has been featured and you already know it. But there was numerous coverage and reviews of the game. Thus you can check the opinions of people, who are experienced in game industry. And you know what? They like our game! Reviewers of all sorts are recommending the game, so if you didn’t yet, you should go play Age of Defenders right now! guys think Age of Defenders is well designed tower defense & offense game.

IGN selected Age of Defenders among New and noteworthy games released in August, see ... ugust-17-3

MacLife put AoD in his list of best new iOS games, check it. ... re#slide-6

“We’re usually not too keen about tower defense games here at Pocket Tactics” they said and still recommends you to check it out! ... this-week/

Another nice review is work of Indie Game Magazine, giving you nice short overview of game mechanics! ... t-offense/

Pocketgamer said: “Check out the trailer above for a look at the game in action, with its impressive 3D visuals and driving music.” And they are right! ... sp?c=66981

Gamezebo stated briefly: “We’ve had tower defense, and we’ve had tower offense — but we’ve never had a multiplayer game that mixed elements of both before.” Well, that’s reason to give Age of Defense a try, doesn’t it? ... -tycoon-3/

GameMob gave us a shout on twitter, marked our game as “refreshing.”

CraniumCode featured Age of Defenders in his Weekly Indie Games episode, starting at 1:53!

Apparently, we´ve got some fans among editorial staff of MobileObstine. They said that "... Defenders can be included in a very well made strategy game on mobile." ... ense-game/

If you can’t speak English well, check this nice German review - Deutsch vorstellung! ... pad/23302/

There are also fans in Indonesia. According to google translate, Alexius in his review states that "The game has a lot of replay value". If you speak this language, you can check his full review at ... negangkan/ .

Very nice and lengthy review in vietnamese language can be found at ... 64948.html

Russian folks said it very nicely: "excellent sci-fi story", read the full nice review at ... fense.html

I don´t even know what language is this, Google translate says it is Persian :) It also translates and we see some very nice words in there, such as charming, beautiful, fun and very interesting. woo! :) ... -iPad.html

And last, but not least, here is the review from our Polish brothers in arms

So, have you tried Age of Defenders yet?