Based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Release date:
August 13, 2015

iPad 2 & later

About Age of Defenders

Age of Defenders is a tower defense and offense game where players will have to be strategic to protect their base while destroying their enemy’s. With both multiplayer and single player gameplay options, players will enter Age of Defenders’ crisp 2D futuristic world armed with an arsenal of different weapons and defense strategies to conquer enemy territory and be victorious.

Detailed Gameplay Elements

A Myriad of Gameplay Options

The Age of Defenders team sought to create a new kind of tower defense experience by cultivating a game that required players to tap into their offensive and defensive skills simultaneously. Highly narrative in nature, Age of Defenders has crafted a compelling story that will keep players engaged throughout the duration of the game. In the multiplayer mode, players will have 15 missions and objectives to complete, with additional bonus objectives across 9 varying multiplayer maps. There’s also a single player mode for players who want to go at it alone. Due to the post-game stats, players will be able to clearly see where they fell flat and how they measured up against their opponent.

Artistic Design

The Age of Defenders team worked to create an all-encompassing experience by including driving, post-apocalyptic battle music, hand-drawn cut scenes, and beautiful, crisp, sci-fi art. The developer team also worked tirelessly to create an extremely balanced game, giving no team an unfair advantage and requiring players to plan their attack efficiently and be prepared for anything.


  • Multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge players worldwide
  • Story-driven, single-player campaign
  • Charming Command & Conquer-ish graphics
  • Hand-drawn cutscenes with beautiful art style
  • Attractive post-apocalyptic setting
  • Atmospheric music
  • Amazing gameplay providing a lot of entertainment


Age of Defenders official trailer YouTube

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We are huge gamers and big fans of tower defense games. Yet, for years there has been very little improvement in this genre. We have seen improved graphics, maybe even going 3D, and simplified controls, but has been about it. There has been nothing major.

We didn’t want to follow the crowd; instead, we wanted to change this. The idea of our concept was crystal clear—multiplayer tower defense and offense, kind of a hybrid in between classic TD and RTS such as StarCraft or Warcraft.

At the beginning of 2010, a group of four students with much more passion and ideals than real-life experience started their personal AoD journey. Over those years of developing and testing, they’ve managed to move to different offices three times, grew to over twenty members, got married, and some even had kids too :).

Lots of sweat & love went into the game you can now try for yourself.


Credits - Founding members

Tomas Botek

Tomas Mizerak
Server side

Michal Gabriel
Creative Director, Visual & Music

Jan Liptak
Development, Bug creation

Filip Kuna
Marketing, financing

+ many other great people, listed in the in-game credits

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks